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Soul Wealth Podcast

Mar 12, 2018

Isn’t it about time you followed your intuition? Are you wanting to learn how to trust and follow your intuition more? This was a fun episode that will help you listen to your own inner wisdom and create a life on purpose with your passions!


30-Days of self-mastery through awakening your spirit

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A few words from Georgina…

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive healer. For the last 15 years I have worked with clients all around the world, connecting them to their TRUE self, to their SOUL, to the LOVE within. The work that I do, gifts people with the ability, to be, who they truly are meant to be in the world, to connect with themselves and the world in a deep and meaningful way and to create a life that they love and feel grateful for everyday!

How do I do this?

I have gifts, that enable me, to be able to see, hear and connect to people’s soul’s and truth. I hold their energy within me, quieten down the noise of the ego and the mind, so I can hear and feel their absolute truth and listen to what their soul wants to say. I then, let my voice, be the voice of their Soul. I channel it through me, and voice it back to them, so they can hear and feel their own truth clearly. This brings joy, connection and confidence in knowing how they want to be in the world, and what they need to do, in order to fully connect with the life they are creating. I empower all those I work with, so they can know who they truly are, trusting and having confidence in the loving inner guidance system within. This becomes the compass they have with them at all times, guiding them to whatever path is for their highest good and greatest joy. I also do energy clearing and healing on anything that is blocking them from connecting to their truth, I clear it from their body and mind using distant energy healing techniques and methods. I also can connect them to the energies that are around them, supporting and guiding them in this life to be all that they can truly be. Ultimately I am simply connecting you to your true self, the LOVE within, helping you have clarity and core confidence.

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